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New feature: Fan Clubs

07.12.2010 LiveJasmin Team



Can't get enough? You want even more of your favourite models?

Join their Fan Clubs and get a myriad of exclusive content, services, discount and much more as a club member.

What you get being a Fan Club Member?

- record your Private shows and watch them anytime you want for 50% OFF
- high-resolution, high-quality images only available for Fan Club Members
- access snapshots shared by other Members
- offline messages even for FREE
- check weekly schedules
- watch VODs for half the price

Visit the official page and learn more about this unsurpassed service; find models with the best Fan Clubs and become a member yourself.


New feature: Special places

11.11.2010 LiveJasmin Team



Meet your favourites outside of the bedroom!

Get kinky and get your favourite model perform in the kitchen, in the bathroom or outside!

Models now provide shows from various locations. If you fancy a literally wet performance under the shower or you're in the mood for open air joy, search for the hottest models willing to go beyond ordinary.

Advanced Search and Custom Filter are handy tools to find your ideal.

Check profile pages to see what your choice has to offer.


LiveJasminTV and Group Private are now available

04.10.2010 LiveJasmin Team



LiveJasminTV is a brand new way of browsing through LiveJasmin's immense number of gorgeous models. You can chat with other Members, recommend Performers by simply dragging their pictures into the Member's Lounge. You can also do the opposite, dragging a recommended models thumbnail into the video area and have a look at the room yourself.

We'd like to favour those Members who are looking for Privates for an even lower price.

LiveJasmin TV offers a new Group Private service where you can enter and take an active role in a private show along with fellow Members. In order to start a Group Private at least 3 Members need to apply for it. Click on Group Private button to apply. After 3 Members have gathered, a five-second countdown starts and they all enter the Private room.

To keep communication in the room easily manageable, only the Performer has the option to send text messages. You can choose from an ample choice of actions you would like the model to perform. These actions are represented by easy to identify icons and are categorised into three groups. Each action you request costs a symbolic amount of credits.

Explore numerous ways of interaction and engage in a whole new online experience!


New Surprise Feature

10.09.2010 LiveJasmin Team



As many of our Members requested, we have enhanced the popular Surprise feature to better fit your needs.

Now you have the option to pick the Surprise animation you like and send it to your beloved Performer. Moreover, you can now set a custom amount of the Surprise, so you are not bound to the preset ones anymore.

If your favourite Performer happens to be offline, you can still send a Surprise that will land in her Message centre. What's better than starting a shift with a colourful little treat from a caring member? A little courtesy can do magic!


New TopMember Services

10.09.2010 LiveJasmin Team



Here at LiveJasmin we receive ideas and requests for new features on a daily basis. Today two of the most popular ones have been introduced for TopMembers.

Mute Guests speaks for itself - it will let you turn off Guest messages in Free chatrooms so that only the model's and fellow Members’ posts will be visible, resulting in a much neater chat board and a better flow of conversation.

Performer Schedule is one of the most anticipated features which is now also available. Performers can create their timetables a week in advance so that you will always know when to expect a favourite or someone you have been eager to see online.

We sincerely hope that these new services will be of your satisfaction.  

Fresh design in My Account

07.09.2010 LiveJasmin Team



We've updated the looks of My Account to get a cleaner, more easy to use interface that will let you get the information you need at a glance.

You also have the option to customize your account creating your own Quick Launch list gathering most frequently used functions into an easy to access launch bar.

We maintained the old version as well for those who prefer using the classic view. Switching between the two takes a single a click.

We hope the new looks and features will be of your liking. Please don't hesitate to share your opinion filling out the short survey found in My Account.


New LiveJasmin Widget

03.09.2010 LiveJasmin Team



The whole new LiveJasmin Widget is a major update to the popular software that lets you access LiveJasmin services without launching a browser.

Using a neat and tidy interface you can search and browse through Performers, manage your favourites, go Free or Private chat and even top up your balance. You have complete freedom to resize the Widget and camera feed to your liking!

LiveJasmin Widget lets you focus on what really is important: models!

Click here to download

Browse LiveJasmin in your mother tongue

25.08.2010 LiveJasmin Team



LiveJasmin's unparalleled model base and services attract Members from all around the world. As part of our commitment to maximum Member satisfaction LiveJasmin is available in a wide range of languages, helping those looking for the ultimate online experience forget about language barriers.

In the past few weeks 9 new languages have been introduced such as Portuguese, Swedish, Russian and Japanese, and there are more to come soon.

We sincerely hope that browsing your favorite website in your mother tongue lets you focus on its unique content and find the suitable model more easily.  

Changes in the 200-Credit Auction game

11.05.2010 LiveJasmin Team



As many Members expressed their will to let them bid for smaller credit packages, now you have the option to go for a 39-Credit package as well. For those who still want to win an exclusive bigger package, we start 200-Credits auctions ten times a day. These auctions are started at random times. You can bid at most 3 times during a 39-Credit auction and 15 times during a 200-Credits auction.

Winners of the auctions are still distinguished in Free Chat. If you decide not to show off, you can turn this off in My Account – Settings menu.  

200 Credit – New Credit Auction

29.04.2010 LiveJasmin Team



 We are glad to let you know that we've started a new Credit auction game.

You don't need to wait for the counter anymore. Now it's all up to you! Place your bid and take the 200 Credit package for as low as 1 Credit.

Rules are simple: you can take the package if no one overbids you within 60 seconds.

Auctions are on continuously. Top up your balance and place your bid!

Don't forget; you can only get hold on a 200 Credit package within the scope of the auction. Don't let others take the 200 Credit package! Place your bid now!

For as low as 1 Credit you can get the unique 200 Credit package!

Let the game begin!  


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