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I am Tanya Parker, the food that feeds your hunger for sin. I'm the deep, unbeatable temptation lurking within you; the urge to give in will now forever be present in your mind. You can leave my page, but I will never leave your mind. A brand new addiction has just begun the minute you started reading this and looking at me. My image forever present, always growing, everlasting. You're welcome! :)

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  •   SID1414  3 dage siden

    Very Sexy and Seductive !!!! Loved it :)

  •   EroticTanya  3 dage siden

    thanks so much!

  •   EroticTanya  14 dage siden

    If anyone wants to schedule a show in advance to avoid finding me busy and with the doors locked for hours, you can PM me to decide for a date and time that works for both of us :) i know it can be hard to find me in free chat sometimes xx Tanya

  •   ouv666  21 dage siden

    I'm still very impressed by you !
    take care, have a good day
    you are even better than I thought

  •   EroticTanya  21 dage siden

    haha im glad to hear so :D and glad that u enjoyed it ty very much for ur time

  •   ouv666  24 dage siden

    great ! thank you

  •   EroticTanya  24 dage siden

    glad u liked it thanks for the time

  •   1CRAWDADDY  24 dage siden

    Tanya, amazing dancer, thanks for all the great fun in your very special room. I love spending time with you beautiful lady. I can't wait until the next moments with you. More songs for next time, be ready!!! Lol. Kisses to all your neediest places and hugs warmer than your best blanket. See you soon. :***


  •   EroticTanya  24 dage siden

    well thank you very much John :) it was a pleasure to dance for u as usual hehe I love being a star for your eyes only xx let's see what songs will be on your playlist next time :D wooohoo Kisses and stay bad

  •   talldarkstrangr  28 dage siden

    A truly out of body experience that will stay with me for a very long time

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