There's more to me than meets the eye, more than a body to die for: a genuine pleasant personality with a secrets revealed only to the right one. My eyes are the window to my soul, and there is so much to explore there: from the comforting empathy that they can offer, to a myriad of fantasies we can enjoy ranging from romantic moonlight encounters to secret fantasies that instantly turn you on

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  •   indysteve69  Vor 2 Tagen

    Very beautiful woman! Always have a great time in her room!!!

  •   indysteve69  Vor 2 Tagen

    wow! very beautiful girl!

  •   Phyto0465  Vor 6 Tagen

    Great lady and am so very happy to spend whatever time I can with her. She makes my day brighter even when it is raining like crazy outside. A ray of sunshine is the best way to describe milady. Thank you again for a wonderful chat. I am looking forward to next time. Missing you already. Kisses to you my Queen!

  •   Phyto0465  Vor 8 Tagen

    I so enjoy speaking and everything with Kimberly. She really is a special lady and truly am blessed to know her as much as I do. She is and will always be the best here to me and I will do whatever I can to make sure she is always feeling wanted and appreciated. Thank you again my dear, hugs and kisses for a good rest of your day!

  •   indysteve69  Vor 8 Tagen

    Amazing girl! Great time in free chat and great time in pvt!

  •   indysteve69  Vor 13 Tagen

    Amazing woman! Great time chatting in her room. Great time in pvt.

  •   Phyto0465  Vor 17 Tagen

    Wow, this woman, can I really ever say enough about her. No, I can't, she is fantastic, I really enjoy everything we do from talking to playing it is a joy to be with her. Thank you KJ for being such a magnificent woman and a special person. You have and will have my heart. Hugs and Kisses milady!

  •   Phyto0465  Vor 20 Tagen

    What a lovely woman, I could spend all day talking to her and more. Thank you for still being here and making this guy feel like a king. You are the best and I am sure you will always be the best in my eyes. Have a great day my dear, see you Thursday.

  •   Phyto0465  Vor 22 Tagen

    I know I beat this dead horse, but damn this woman is fantastic. You can talk, you can play, you can do both and still she smiles, listens and has great insight. If she was not online I am not sure what I would be doing. I cannot express in words good enough how she makes me feel. She is the Queen of my days. Thank you again KJ. Hugs and Kisses to you and only you!

  •   Phyto0465  Vor 23 Tagen

    Great way to end my night, such a sweet woman, I enjoy her like no other. She is the best there is and I cannot stress enough that I would not be here without her. Thanks again Kimberly for a lovely chat.

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