Zeucie here simple Asian girl but a person who is positive about every aspect of life.Spoiled,classy,funny,Bossy,crazy,princess,smart....ass lol,kind...when sleeping ha..well alot to say im just Zeucie one of the kind

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  •   1FGATOR  6 years ago

    A very incredible beauty.She is a sweet super sensuallady with such a sexy personality,warm freindly easy going, wonderful , Define;y a favorite hhmm,,

  •   iwish2cu  6 years ago

    so sexy. such a woman.....so wonderful. pure beauty

  •   ditsi11  6 years ago

    The Best

  •   lojo1818  6 years ago

    ageless beauty

  •   jon_doh  7 years ago

    mmmmm so sexy :) xoxox

  •   mike00000  7 years ago

    she is a heart

  •   iwish2cu  7 years ago

    beautiful, sexy and oh so wonderful.

    a true pleasure. beautiful lips, eyes, hair and ......


  •   rosetta67  7 years ago

    I want to CRY but she has drained me of all liquid in my body!

  •   luvlyu  7 years ago

    im in love ! thats all...

    should be a little bit more speed...but yur such a perfect body.....

    ..can i meet yu some day?

  •   rosetta67  7 years ago

    wow workds cant describe the adventure that i just back from, but i will try. So as I stepped into her room I was not prepared fof this 411" beauty to take me down in the first 5 steps. And before I new it she was on top of me and I had lost all control to her strong beuatiful eyes. I could move, I would dare take a chance because i knew if I did she would rip my heart out and feed it to me. So I let her take everything I had from me and then some. But she was not prepared for what I was about to do. And when she was least expecting I rolled her over to reveal the hottest spot on earth. And it was all mine and nobody could stop me now. I entered her and she just screamed and moned with excitement but she now was to weak to fight me and I would provail. I will leave here with my heart intacked but she would have non of that. I tried to run but she and a sister. I was dooooooomed. But when I woke I knew I was not anywhere but In love. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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