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I have a sassy tone on my personality that any man might find attractive , I find it easy to enjoy a good laugh with the right company. and all i need for that to happen is to be treated properly. see you in there

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  •   doureally1it  2 years ago

    Tell me my lovely bundle of seduction & mischief who is the more devilish is it Mystical love or your alter ego L.G.

  •   00MysticalLove  2 years ago

    i am sure D. you already know the answer:)

  •   00MysticalLove  3 years ago

    You, you are in the crystal ball
    That it shows me the way to the shore
    When I'm loosing myself in your world
    And I'd want to win the hard sadness

    You, unseen but i feel you
    I ignore you but I cannot lie myself
    You are in my breath ..You are the purl that connect me to the miracle of sunrise

    When you slightly down from my dream
    In all I'm touching all around
    I see your face all the time
    In my mind you are anything, anyhow

    You, you are the waiting of the sunset
    When the seconds are trickle out
    With soft touchings of velvet caressed by my hand
    You, you are the idea of intense
    You give a sens to my pursuit
    A reason to try more

    You are the voice that i am listening
    You are the long ago calling
    That it makes dont belong to me
    I am not anymore
    It is nothing of mine....You are yourself
    Dont go , dont say nothing


  •   QuietAdmirer  2 years ago

    "............." (me saying nothing :) , just your quiet admirer, as always)

  •   nicestal  3 years ago

    My # 1 repeat woman. Incredibly sexy

  •   nicestal  3 years ago

    Incredible My #1 woman here. So sweet, so sexy

  •   Randy7697  3 years ago

    Wow! Awesome show! Very beautiful woman with an awesome body. I loved it.

  •   nicestal  3 years ago

    passionate, sexy a complete experience love her!

  •   strider22  3 years ago

    very nice!

  •   Randy7697  3 years ago

    Wow! What an awesome woman. So very beautiful with an awesome body. Awesome show! I loved it.

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