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  •   alfiethestud  9 years ago

    wow i thought u were a real person u made me fall in love with u, i tried to come and see u, but you never answered my mail.
    then i find you on soooo many different sites.
    why why do you do this

    you asked me to come there for so long


  •   alfiethestud  9 years ago

    All i can say is i love you! will you marry me? i have asked you before and i ask you again?

    love you babes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  •   touch  10 years ago

    Mistress is So powerful. i am totally under her spell. i think about her 24hours a day.

  •   crofter47  10 years ago

    For Anelisa

    This performer is without a doubt the very best this site has to offer! She is not only beautiful, but she is also smart, kind, and has a great sense of humor. She is very interested in giving her audience what we want, and seems to go an extra step to be sure she understands what that is. She isn't shy about asking questions, and as I say, her sense of humor is just wonderful.

    I cannot imagine a situation that she could not adapt to. There is not a flaw you can find anywhere on her, or about her as far as I can tell. Just incredibly beautiful, and in a way that does not project any ego or any feeling of her awareness of her beauty - she seems to have accepted her beauty in such a wholesome and refreshing way. I say that as opposed some truly beautiful women who can make you feel like they are doing you a favor - not Anelisa! She is just pure beauty wishing only to give full pleasure in spite of the challenge of distance and lack of touch.

    If you are at all on the fence about spending time with Anelisa, please do yourself a favor and just spend a little time with her - you'll be back again, I know I have been, and she will not easily leave your mind in between.

  •   mustardtiger  10 years ago

    oh wow where to begin!

    first and foremost: this special lady is exactly that...a special lady. she is very feminine, very classy, and very very very beautiful. from the time that i have spent with her she lets you know exactly what you want and will cater to your needs. not only will she buzz your whole body, but she will warm your heart and make you regret any time spent away from her. she is very accommodating, friendly, and everything but your typical hustler.

    if youre the type that is not into companionship or anything of the like...fret not as you will not be out of luck. this girl is, by far, the sexiest creature on this planet. i cannot emphasize this enough...SHE IS EXPONENTIALLY SEXIER THAN ANY OTHER GIRL YOU WILL FIND ON THIS SITE. not to be rude: but she, quite frankly, makes all the other girls look like trash. theres no reason to go anywhere elsewhere after you have found analisa. you simply wont want to. i know i havent...

    body: 10/10
    physical attractiveness: 10/10
    sexiness: 10/10
    companionship: 10/10

    shes the real deal boys. if youre looking to have your world rocked theres no reason to look any further...so please support this sexy fine beautiful lady...you certainly wont regret it.

  •   Count Zero  10 years ago

    This is one very special lady, a real class act. She is a warm, funny and extraordinary woman who is ready to please. Of course she has a fantastic body, and is an extraordinary performer who will knock your eyes out and give you great pleasure as she did me. I will always come back for more, Analisa.



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