Hi ,my name is Anne,31,and i love to be here:)I work in the beauty&cosmetics industry,and i use to come here online sometimes even when i am at the office:)shh,don\'t tell anyone:P See you soon.

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  •   0AnneBoleyn  9 years ago


  •   horse1000  11 years ago

    We were talking in FreeChat about the whole review concept...we decided(the members there at the moment)that we should participate more into helping new models .The competition between Models is strong at livejasmin,who talks to them a little more,knows that...
    They appreciate any positive Review or Vote.
    Anne is a nice Girl,trying hard to offer quality.She cares about small details.So guys in her room at that time,decided to leave a nice thought before going to bed last night...No need to get all suspicious about that...Beefheart;)Of course we are not the one and the same person...i am not sure,but i think all the guys that reviewed Ann so far are all French tho...and love her.That's about all they have in common.
    -which makes sense ,since she is usually online France day time,and also she can type French-
    So instead of playing Detective,lol,let's simply enjoy these wonderfull Ladies.
    PS:if u read this,a Great Day Anne!Bizz

  •   Beefheart  11 years ago

    are you guys shills? or 1 guy with 3 shilling accts ?

    all 3 accts made today, all 1 post, all about this girl?

    jasmins gonna be on her like white on rice now

  •   horse1000  11 years ago

    This site should give her some bonus because this girl turns Guests into Paying Members!!!!And fat pay also!!!
    I arrived to livejasmin by accident,landed into her FreeChat and these incredible blue eyes just hit me!
    Always classy,elegant,smooth,a real wild princess!But what i like the most(exept for the gorgeus round ass,lol),are her brains!OMG,this lady can think!!!
    And all NATURAL,100% real:no fake tits,fake hair,fake nails(those are awfull btw!!!)......if a woman fakes her own body,fills up her breasts or lips with plastic,fakes all about her,how could i still belive she will be true with me?!She can not even be true and honest to herself!Another reason u guys should love 0AnneBoleyn:SHE IS NOT FUCKING LIEING TO YOU PEOPLE!She speaks up her mind.
    Her PRIVAT Shows are fire.Passionate,beautiful and really there,into it.She does a great erotic spectacle,does not ask for the stroy of your life in privat just to avoid getting naked.A real performer.

  •   karlos  11 years ago

    Anne is really a gorgeous woman, very sexy and with a great discussion too.
    That's a pleasure to meet such a kind of lady and she knows how to make u very horny too.
    bye bye soon !!

  •   My_Love  11 years ago

    AnneBoleyn is THE girl on LiveJasmin, she have everything, a cute face with lovely blue eyes, an awasome body, she's always well-dressed and she is so comprehensive and generous...
    The first time I saw her, I was a guest, I looked at her and I fell in love with her eyes and then I create an account
    She is always very nice and sympathic with me, and she is so hot, I'll recommand her to anyone who wants the PERFECTION.



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