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I love human to human talks because first of all i m here to listen to you to give you all my attention and to be here for you when you need a sholder to put your head on ; i am here to bring the best of you even when you stop to belive in yourself because i do belive i do belive that we can be the best version of ourselves if we have the „right persons” to hightlight that .

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  •   AddictiveAmanda  13 days ago

    Classy woman with a soft spot for tender words, loving to meet new people and making connections :* ♥

  •   AddictiveAmanda  16 days ago

    Today is a special sunny day .. the sun is right up and I am ready to put a huge smile on your face hehe! Let's have a blast together! ♥♥♥

  •   AddictiveAmanda  19 days ago

    Hey guys :* Today i am in a great mood and i also have a good vibe and i want to share it with you :* Hope to see you in my room today :* ♥

  •   AddictiveAmanda  20 days ago

    Music makes people relax, dancing makes people fly , the 2 combination and a perfect day to begin the adventure with you hehehehe :D

  •   AddictiveAmanda  21 days ago

    I've came today with a bright smile and some new fresh vibes that I would strongly hope to share them with you. Let's see who's going to join me today hehe!

  •   AddictiveAmanda  23 days ago

    Guys! let's make the best of tonight :D:D I just wake up with some new fresh vibes that I'd like to share with you hihi:X:X::*

  •   AddictiveAmanda  24 days ago

    so happy to start this new week next to you guys :D let's be full of surprises and smile today

  •   AddictiveAmanda  1 month ago

    Guys! today is Fridayyyyy, let's spend it together, I have some new and fresh vibes to share with you .. let's plan our weekend together!

  •   LiveJasmin Team  1 month ago

    LiveJasmin Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   AddictiveAmanda  1 month ago

    The special moment is almost here! Let's celebrate my b-daaaaay together! Muahhh:*:*:*

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