My name is Alexia. I am part time a fashion model and the other part cam girl.

  • 23
  • Normal
    Breast size
  • Straight
    Sexual preferences
  • Female
  • Athletic
  • English

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  •   GoddessesShoeboy  1 year ago

    Hi my beautiful dear... hope you re fine... long time not here and I never had the energy for a pvt with you (fucking shyness... hate it... but you are to beautiful for a freak like me, to step in and play a role with enough self-esteem :'(. But you have been always friendly and nice to me and I tried my best to show you with coins and my own words how much I like your style and your pretty kind of thinking = YOU! Wish you the very best for your life, but I ll leave this site... I had most time not the attention of any girl (I mean, hey doesn't t they need the money? Im no monster or sth... just a shoe freak and incredibly shy. thought must be an easy victim for girls, only want fast money. really here only two models gave me the feeling not to be the most disgusting minded guy under the sun. one of this both was you. And I ll say thank you and goodbye. (by the way you were the number one cause you are not only smart and friendly, you are the most amazing, hot goddess I had ever the permission to speak to. But I ll look in regular times if there is a sign, thant you re fine, so that I can be sure nothing bad has happened that explains your abstinence from this site. feel huged and may be our virtual ways will cross again in future... nobody knows ;) in respectful worshipmode, your fanboy mario from germany. peace and all the best for you (and of course incredible richness or sth. like that ;)

  •   lyingdutchman  1 year ago


  •   GoddessesShoeboy  1 year ago

    Wow, some amazing Photos. And Im 2 Minutes too late (Ist written you were live before 2 minutes) :((((



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