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My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder. I have so many different looks, but I'm just like the sexy girl you see walking down the street in a cool outfit. A lot of attitude, a lot of smiles, playing with the hard and the soft, the good and bad. What I find sexy is when someone's having fun and able to look right back at you.

  • 21
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  • Bisexual
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  • Female
  • Petite
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  •   irnbru3012  1 year ago

    Wonderful lady, be kind to her

  •   iloveumonica  1 year ago

    i loves u my support my lover my best friend i see us at candle liht dinner at seaside feeling the breeze through yur hair looking in yur eyes u be so beautiful in ways i cant imagine if i see u in the moonlight and kiss and cuddle allnight til morning i wake up in yur arms thats the sense of feeling to be rich have someone like u close to me in my life its been such a amazing day love u xxxxxxxxx

  •   Thanosjustforu  1 year ago

    Want positive energy?She got it!..Want to talk?She got it!..Want to get lost in 2 gorgeous eyes?She definately got it!Good luck,guys..

  •   AvaBee  1 year ago

    Thank you so much Thanos!



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