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hello everybody...) my second name - best lover! I love tenderness in communication and just smiling ) if you wanna know me better - welcome!

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  •   AydenBeckett  3 days ago

    RUBRIC: The best book
    Today I finished reading a book by one of the best writers of our time. His name is Mariam Petrosyan. The book is called \"Gray House\". One of the best books in our time, which should become a classic! The book narrates about the house, in the outskirts of the city, which consists of houses, as one similar to each other. More truly about people living in it. To be even more accurate - teenagers with disabilities, each of which is a real person, which is almost impossible to find now. Everyone will find their philosophical meaning in this book, I thought that every character is one character trait of each of us, but very hypertraffed. That\'s why you can not associate yourself with some character of this book, you do not feel yourself in it, as you usually feel in any other book, you seem to be floating in the air and watching incredible and more than interesting situations and characters! Read to everyone who thinks that he has read the best literature, you will be surprised how much you missed without reading this book!

  •   AydenBeckett  4 days ago

    Rubric: a walk in St. Petersburg
    Today, when I was walking in St. Petersburg, I saw an interesting place, Loft project "Floors". There are a lot of nice people with whom you can sit and drink Puer tea for free. On their own, the floors are a lot of boxes with different places where you can buy different things, like coffee, different clothes, accessories for pirsers, different icons and much more. Also on the floors there is access to the roof. Yes, those most famous St. Petersburg roofs from which you can see an excellent view! This is a very beautiful place, and very warmly furnished, there you can just sit and drink all sorts of hot drinks, but the most popular drink is hot mulled wine, delicious and warms with cold and beautiful St. Petersburg nights.
    This place remains an unforgettable impression of communication with unusual and kind people and beautiful views. Everyone in his life must visit at least once.

  •   AydenBeckett  5 days ago

    Rubric: a walk in St. Petersburg
    I recently moved to St. Petersburg and just begin to learn it. And of course I will tell my loved ones about my impressions :)
    Today I had a great time with my friends, we went to the Square of the uprising in St. Petersburg. A lot of street musicians showed their skills and of course I supported them with money! I saw a great artist who painted superb landscapes using a can of paint! I advise everyone to visit St. Petersburg, because every place is here :3

  •   AydenBeckett  7 days ago

    Tomorrow I have a day off. I want to visit a couple of museums and take a walk with friends. I'll write to you what's interesting will happen: )

  •   AydenBeckett  8 days ago

    Another great day with my cute kittens^^
    Love you**

  •   AydenBeckett  10 days ago

    Today im with you, Im waiting for you, I think this night will be hot!!

  •   eric79  12 days ago

    Outstanding in every way. A clear favorite. Friendly and hot.

  •   AydenBeckett  13 days ago

    Sweet dreams, kittens: 3
    I'll see you tomorrow :}

  •   AydenBeckett  13 days ago

    Hi cute, I'll update your page soon and be able to see my new photos ^^ I love you and wait for you tomorrow from 6 pm Moscow :) * I miss, I kiss*

  •   larsrm  15 days ago

    great visit, great body, loved being with you lars

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