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So much to say and so little space :-( Tyra here, 19 years old, very nice that U dropped by and read my page thank You! I am first time here and I am still a little bit shy! And what about You?

  • 19
  • Normal
    Breast size
  • Straight
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  • Female
  • Athletic
  • English, French

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  •   BigBang  9 years ago

    Yes... Chloé's a true pearl, a treasure among women, no need to rush her, you won't regret any minute spent with her, take your time. She's a dream come true. :$
    Can't get enough of her... she even seems a little out of place in this environment. She's a little shy...
    She's a lady I wouldn't mind having at my arm anytime... huhm huhm good:D

  •   71zutsw  9 years ago

    Though young, CutieChloe is a true young lady. Kind soft and gentle. All should respect her, while enjoying her beauty. Beyond whatever reason she is here, she is wife material, and will one day make a pharaoh a happy queen. Never lose your charm, and always keep your dignity, while demanding respect. Kisses to you, and I wish you well, my love.



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