Cute face, slim body and youth – that’s me! I am here for you ,ready to have great fun whether we are talking ,teasing , dancing, playing or just being crazy . I can be romantic ,crazy , maybe sometimes silly ,i can go fast or sloooow, i can be your friend , your lover and the one that fulfills all your fantasies, your boss :D.

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  •   DoriAnRen  8 months ago

    Who will show the bb?

  •   ponyplaylover  9 months ago

    thx for show,was nice

  •   DoriAnRen  8 months ago

    Thx baby

  •   DoriAnRen  9 months ago

    We are the generation of the strongest and smartest people who have ever lived. With potential that\'s being squandered. A whole generation of gas station workers, white — collar waiters. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes. We work hard at jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don\'t need. We are the middle children of history. No target, no location. Neither the great war nor the great depression fell to our lot. Our great war is spiritual. Our great depression is our existence. We were told on TV that one day we will become millionaires, film and rock sports stars, but we do not Shine. Gradually it comes to us and angry, terribly angry.

    Chuck Palahniuk



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