There's more to me than meets the eye, more than a body to die for: a genuine pleasant personality with a secrets revealed only to the right one. My eyes are the window to my soul, and there is so much to explore there: from the comforting empathy that they can offer, to a myriad of fantasies we can enjoy ranging from romantic moonlight encounters to secret fantasies that instantly turn you on

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  •   Phyto0465  2 days ago

    I cannot express enough, how much I really enjoy any time I spend with this woman. She is sexy, sensual and fun to talk to. I truly enjoy everything about her. Thank you again for a wonderful start to my day. The Queen of my heart, you are the best..

  •   indysteve69  6 days ago

    Amazing girl! Very hot and sexy!

  •   Phyto0465  8 days ago

    She makes every day special, I enjoy spending 5 minutes or 3 hours with her. I never complain. Spending any time with her is truly a blessing and an honor. I would go out of my way just to spend time with this lovely woman. Trust people need to get to know her, you will never regret one minute of time. Thank you again my sweetheart for your time. Hugs and kisses my dear.

  •   DocK79  10 days ago

    Always amazing

  •   Phyto0465  17 days ago

    Even under the weather she is a joy to talk to. I know I have said it before, but damnit guys and girls get to know her, don't be pushy you will never regret it. There is a very special, amazing person wrapped up in a lovely package. Be cool and treat her with respect. Talk to her, get comfortable and make her happy, you will enjoy every minute after that. Thank you my dear Kimberly.

  •   indysteve69  20 days ago

    Very fun and sexy woman! Great time in pvt!!! Stunning beauty!!!!

  •   Phyto0465  26 days ago

    If I could bottle this woman up and take her with me, I would be happy every day of my life. Always a pleasant soul, a great conversation, amazing personality. You really need to at least talk with her. Honestly you will never regret it for a minute. KimberlyJoy is by far the best this site offers, she is the total package! Intelligent, sexy, and an amazing person. Thank you Kimberly

  •   Remy93  27 days ago

    lovely girl

  •   Phyto0465  1 month ago

    Honestly I have never had a bad chat with this wonderful woman. She is very attentive and if you treat her well she will do the same for you. Remember, I cannot emphasize this enough, take your time, get to know her. She is truly amazing, and the total package. Also, respect is a 2 way street, you get what you give. Treat her with respect!

  •   smittyjo61  1 month ago

    Kim is stunning!!

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