I have many hair colors and many looks! I like to be fucked with passion, while you whisper dirty things to me. I not only love to touch myself for you, but I like to tell you exactly what I want to do to you while doing

  • 24
  • Big
    Breast size
  • Bisexual
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  • Female
  • Average
  • English

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  •   Incendious  6 years ago

    Havent met you in here, but I gotta say I like your profile. Very cool.

  •   MissIndigoRayne  6 years ago

    i hope to meet you soon then!!! <3

  •   jessejames182OG  6 years ago

    I may of said this before, but this is by far the time its most needed to be said that this woman blows me away. love you babydoll thank you

  •   MissIndigoRayne  6 years ago

    muah!!! Thank You so much, Im so excited to be with you again!! <3 ya!

  •   MissIndigoRayne  6 years ago

    Almost done setting up my profile! I'm so excited!!!! I cant wait to start using my cam and meeting new people, and fulfilling a few fantasies!! I also got a new wig today! Its so cute! Brown, long and curly! It'll be fun to change things up to whatever you guys want to see in your private shows! (My regular pink and teal hair, or now my brown wig!) I am even posting pics with it on today!! <3



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