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we are both young and old. of age however. married 7 years. we are deeply in love still to this day. we have joined this site as a means of exploring other sexual activities together. we would very much like to meet new friends and clients that come back to us as friends. my husbands name is chase my name is kitten, kit for short, i am chezch and american, chase is german and american. --'--,-;[@

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  •   PussEnBoots  23 days ago

    we have lowered our rate to 3.99$!

  •   PussEnBoots  24 days ago

    just a special tribute to almclean,whom was our first prvate;before we knew anythong abut using this site. much thanks and appreciation.

  •   PussEnBoots  24 days ago

    `"¹li¡|¡|¡il¹"`i am your aphrodisiac. i am your quixotic muse, your after work/monotonous day muse to play ..your erotic,suggestive tonic. aristocratic and acrobatic. intangible and delectable,i am your unimaginable,intangible,ethereal,meta[physical,dream --yet reality cum-mm true, but viewer beware you must understand it clear...i am your fantasy your dream come true, just always remember my body belongs to me and me only,aside from my husband whom also possess my heart and soul- generally,predominantly, it is essential to realize predominately if you want to experience my sexuality.. respect is key if your gonna get anywhere with me. i am entirely skilled and a vast quick learner --apt to acquire new erogenous areas to reflect my performance in such the arena. i am distinct,unequaled,not common-rather rare, and out of this world..i am a phenomenon ,so exceptional to stumble upon, one of a kind...another like you'll never indeed find, ...out of this world..like ethereal..i enchant and captivate for my innate sexuality emanates my elegance fascinates. ..self assured, and self respected, i will tolerate none the less treatment, when commenting please use your nobility and those who have superiority please with generosity to me,keep the disrespecting spectating in check,and for you my appreciation ill reflect. i am most down to earth, though i may be outa this world; and am non judgmental,and rather sentimental. as well as the prior descriptive... i am also quite imaginative,exploitative, unique, and polite. ...a most genuine; and my husband very much the gentle-man. ...to him you should most always pay your gratitude and respects as he is your only prospect of in the future viewing me. it is he whom is generous for he is allowing you to be entertained by me..which wouldn't be very easy for me to share something so precious to me. copr. ~kitten (aka: kit or kitty)2018



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