I an open minded person who likes to try new things in the right company. Being naughty or nice, talkative or wild, this really depends on the guy that comes in my room. If you really enjoy time well spent you should know that you came in the right place. My mission is to make you forget about the daily routine and sharinf my fantasies or maybe yours will bring us to a new different world of sex

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  •   angelorico  2 years ago

    Lana del rey - High by the BITCH ?

    C. hristmas :)

    Heaven Seven to the Eternal Winged Soul from above the Mind.. who gives to whole to Sense at the Now... the Merry of X/mas.

  •   Skyrmar  2 years ago

    Will not ever forget this person and how she changed my life. No bad ever on her. A lovely soul. / Patrik

  •   nick9191  3 years ago

    The most perfect girl in the whole world

  •   RedHairAmy  2 years ago

    thank you, i am waiting you in my room .

  •   Thefakeparade  3 years ago

    You are welcome.

    Thank You.

  •   RedHairAmy  3 years ago

    i want to thank you all,special people i met here,with requests sometimes,with needs ,with fantasies ; men with different personalities,some of them very kind,others not so kind , but human in the end,with a heart. I want to thank to those who are with me every night here,who are keeping me company ,who support sometimes my bad mood , to those who made me laugh and those who made me cry with their stories.
    I want to thank to those who let me take a rest in privates and weren't asking for HARD SHOW. I want to thank who those who helped me to get through my difficulties, who those who shared their life stories with me .
    I also want to thank to those who became my friends ,my confidents and the reverse. I want to thank to those who weren't so polite in free or in private chat , but finally they let me discover that needed just a little attention and they didn't know how to ask for it .
    I hope my presence here made your nights and days more enjoyable ,that at least for some minutes/hours i made you forget about every day life problems. I discovered that above primal instincts we just feel the need to be with others, to be loved, to be understood ,to have beautiful and new experiences.
    Let's help each other live new things , let's enjoy life ! that's all we have !

  •   Thefakeparade  3 years ago

    Is so nice to hear someone not just speaking about themselves for once.

    Again a truly nice gesture. No matter if I belong among the ones to be thanked or not.

  •   RedHairAmy  3 years ago

    do me a favour...

    SMILE :)

  •   Thefakeparade  3 years ago

    A special, kind and clever girl . Treat her with some brains. She deserves it.

  •   RedHairAmy  3 years ago

    Life is short. You have to be able
    to laugh at our pain or we never move on

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