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  •   LuckyDuuke1  10 hours ago

    Masha... my plan is to enjoy life. And i know i want to meet you. Hope that you are not afraid because i told you that i also like how you are. You woke up my inspiration and i go more climbing now... more to mountains. (like i did it long time ago)

  •   LuckyDuuke1  11 hours ago

    Time is out soo fast... i really love that you tell me such things about you. You know that i just picked out 1 girl in my life to give it a try with her. And now i really take a closer look at you. Its just... today my plan was to see your pantie closer. hmmm, i am wanting you!

  •   LuckyDuuke1  1 day ago

    It was really... Great day with you. And it can even get much better. The thing is that i like your fun.. and yes. lets do more.

  •   LuckyDuuke1  7 days ago

    i have tools.... i write u later. Don´t be afraid, its easy with my help. I will guide you. How many want to go with? And it also can get romantic... from top there will be a good sight.

  •   LuckyDuuke1  8 days ago

    kisses, wish u a great Day

  •   LuckyDuuke1  11 days ago

    Masha, i got other messages too. thanks for it. Now i go work, maybe later i can go climbing indoors. I have a point-card left so that i can go inside. (pre-paied) I try to go there more often. or after work i also can go via-ferrata on a near rock. I try to enjoy time till june. Wish you a Great Day now. Now we can stay in contact. Hope you answer also on other message. kisses, cu.

  •   LuckyDuuke1  19 days ago

    mhh, so hott, yes i miss you really to spend some time. I like to wake up not alone and also to go kayaking in the sunset

  •   LuckyDuuke1  1 month ago

    me kissing your neck down, my cock hardly squeezed by your pussy ^, and now my lips sucking around your so sexy nipples. I have so strong dreams... you make me feel uncontrolled... for myselfe i am not sure if i can control my wild side, but i am sure if we are really together, you are able to control the parts of my wildness, that i maybe can´t control. (i mean my wild feeling inside)

  •   LuckyDuuke1  1 month ago

    i have just some seconds left... i keep it to write you later a message. Now i wish you a really Great Day, I have to start work. And don´t worry.... i am focused now on you. Hope this feels OK for you. And hope you are not afraid.

  •   LuckyDuuke1  1 month ago


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