When you ask a girl what makes her special you'll hardly get a true answer, because it takes time to know yourself, to embrace your flaws and be yourself in every situation. As a woman I can describe easily: elegant, flirty and delicate as a bird.

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  •   Loghead2978  9 months ago

    AAA Susan wow best time ever !!! I cant give you enuff credit, but i would give you enuff ............ if you was here in real

  •   winchesterx  10 months ago

    OMG what an amazing woman. You are breathtaking. So lucky to have had time with you. Wishing was not online ha..but wow you transcend this medium and go straight to my heart. dangerous woman of the best kind to be sure. totally feel high and in love right now

  •   desertdog  10 months ago

    SusanBirdy is one of the finest women on this site. She is so intelligent, funny, sensual, beautiful, and fun to visit and make love with. She's the best!!!!

  •   Loghead2978  10 months ago

    AAA the best ass on this site. Always willing to please she is.I'd kill to have an lady of this caiber. BB ya make me cum like an horse with your sexy ways

  •   Loghead2978  11 months ago

    AAA if you want the girl friend or maybe wife experiece shes the one.Wish the american girls would take notes on her great attitude an sweetheart down to earth personality !!! Susan can i be your husband , are you married . Guys treat this lady with respect an she definetly returns it back,LUV YOU SWEETHEART ,Stev

  •   newcdcool  11 months ago

    I love her

  •   LiveJasmin Team  1 year ago

    LiveJasmin Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   Loghead2978  1 year ago

    5 Stars is not Enuff for her !!!! She needs to be nominated for best personality an attitude !!!!! Not to mention her beautiful looks . What the hell I need an plane ticket an someone is gonna get an very nice catch one of these days, that is if she wants to be an wife that an real man will respect her an treat her well !!! I hope you get whatever your dreams may be Susan !!!! I will see you soon

  •   BenReadyForFun  1 year ago


  •   newcdcool  1 year ago

    I love her

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