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my name is TINA and i am a flexible switch ,my body is made for being modelated by the powerfull hands of a master ,i am a slave and i belong to a mistress but she decided i need some training in online life so now i am shared here .i hope we can get new sensations together

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  •   naughteguy4sure  1 year ago

    Good obedient slave.

  •   YourPerfectSub  1 year ago

    Oh...sorry for being late today. But i have a pertinent excuse. Is this guy fault. He used me for his pleasure...he got me so so horny and...let me unifinished...what frustrating !!...You guys- that know me- i cum very often and fast..oh, what an egoist act...u know how it feels ? be right feel the pulse raising...the struggle of hormons into ur body...the battle of cum which wants to escape and fly into real world..and sudenly...the image that feeds your imagination, that makes ur blood pump in venes, which make you ALMOST disapear...awful...i have a quote for all this shit " he promised me "pussy lick"..but he gaves me "deepthroat suck" instead " ( sounds better in my i was very frustrated, an unimaginable torture..followed by this words " i've cum. thank you"..."wtf ?! But i did not.."...some of you made me cum 2, 3, 4 even 6 times..honestly 8 if i count times when i was not allowed..hihi ....never felt so humiliated and is possible to let this juicy pussy dying...hungry..of that tasty time..when i catch big one..i ll take it all...all day all recover after this disapointment. That's not all..i got to sleep like that...very hot, horny and frustrated...i had nightmares all night: i was there in bathroom...taking a shower...but from hose was gushed sperm instead of water...i let drip it all over my face, my innocent big eyes.I open mouth wide letting it scouring my whole mouth..oh..that sticky sweet liquid..i go down with shower hose...oh yes ! warm massage on my titts..uh maybe a bit too hot because my nipples got from chocolate brown to purple..i switch to cold water..oh god ! But...what a feeling...i like this..i ll switch have itching on my pussy...i check it with so wet...but not of that sticky sperm...mmm i think is time to let the gift that gods endowed me free. i seeking my clit with hose and i start massage it slowly..mmm...i feel it...i feel...i am close to..........................................................................................................Fuck !!! I am awake..Noooo, not again. I cannot start my day unfinished. Guys, please help me !!

  •   YourPerfectSub  1 year ago

    Sun is up...same your dick is..and me. Like usualy with a cigg light between my lips searching for some fun..what a good day ! makes me remind about one day last summer in camping with my classroom coleagues. Lucky as usualy, i was in the room with crazziest girl ever. Comes the night and i were to prepare my bubblebath with aromatherapy lotions as i use to do..sudanly the bitch come over me with a glass of wiskey telling me to play a funny game...i was surprised and when i ve turned to her...she drop her glass of wiskey all over my chest. My flimsy white t-shirt suck all that wiskey very fast and becomes wet and nipples has pulled out and cold...i was thinking " oh god..i am always wet, but now..more than usualy"...she saw the anger of my face and kneel in fronty of me...she wanted to help me so started to suck all the wiskey from my shirt...wrapping her lips around my hard nipples. In that moment i had a strange pee on myself...but it was not that...i put my hand in my panties and...there it juicy pussy pulsing. I grabbed her arms and let both of us fall in bath..but..she stopped me. Sudenly, a lot of question flood my mind " i bet she wants me...she loves how im looking with this dirty flismy wet shirt...why she stopped me from a bubble bath play? oh..and why she's staring at me like that?". This bitch told me not to rush her..pffhuu..because we have a game to play. It sounds like this: if i guess what lenjerie colour she wear i can shot her with a gun filled up with wiskey, if not, she will spoil me with wiskey. I've lost first round and she soiled me with wiskey...from my headfront to mouth..wiskey started dropping from my full mouth all over my titts, to my belly, to my...ohhh...that hot feeling it stings me a little bit. Because my clothes were realy realy wet...that whore could see the colour of my lenjerie thru it...and she won again...i was so pissed off so i throw her in bubble bath...i was so proud of me watching her dressed and helpless in the bubble bath...and me...straight, haughty...but, that was not all. She did not let me win- she get very wild and grab my hair and took me very rough in bubble bath with she and tongue kissed me. I felt how warm watter was tickeling my belly. She brings some water in her mouth grab my feet and fill my pussy with this time my head was underwater...i felt so restricted but horny same time.I enjoied that feeling of water pressure in my pussy...but i had to keep my breath for deserved

  •   taoluk  1 year ago

    a wonderful sub whose mistress should be proud of. Thanks Tina, I had a really great time.

  •   johndemanding  1 year ago

    Fantastic beautifull girl, very funny to be with and so sweet! Alle the best



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