Sensitive, self-confident...native ENGLISH SPEAKER, 5th generation AMERICAN (euro ancestry). Super highly flexible...and a college student at a major uni in New England Current classes: Applied Linear Algebra, Ethics

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  •   bobby1001  7 years ago

    Gaydude20, thanks you sooo much for your comments, I really appreciate the feedback.
    I want to tell you guys about my second ever private tonight...we had some fun roleplay. My friend started licking my buytt hole, and then had me raise my legs FAR into the air and play with my butt. I put fingers in first, then a vibrator. It was pretty sweet, but I was thinking about cock the whole time. I did this until I came in my hand, then I licked it off. After that, I made believe that I was licking his giant penis, as big as the lollipop that the munchkins gave dorothy, and I was his wizard. I had so much fun again, I can't wait to come back. You guys are amazing. xxx :)

  •   gaydude20  7 years ago

    bobby enjoyed my time with you last night. Hope to do it again soon. I'm glad you had a good time with the person you described sounds like it was a very good private.

  •   bobby1001  7 years ago

    So I just had my first chat tonight ever...and it was a blast for me and my new friend. I bent down to take the head of my penis in my mouth and fucked myself with my vibrator...omg it was soooo much fun...I came on my hand and licked it right off. I know I will do this again soon...probably later tonight after another load of laundry...I want to be clean for my friends!



You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).