I\'m a real fairy, making all of Your fantasies come true. Try my magic.

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  • Huge
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  • English, Spanish

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  •   x1hugex911  6 years ago

    hi!! it's me mark! i rlly miss rlly i do , when are u coming back do i have a chance to see u it has been like a year love plz come backl

  •   enad11  7 years ago

    where are you ?????????

    we miss you

  •   jsmilitary  7 years ago

    Hope you come back soon Karla I miss talking to you my friend, your friend Joe and P.S say hi to Boris for me. I hope he is keeping you safe. Joe

  •   joeblackis  7 years ago

    Pretty girl.
    But she fakes penetration in pvt.
    Save your money for real girls.

  •   matonsnous  7 years ago

    she s perfect really !! You cant imagine, so charming, incredible boobs !!
    I ll come again babe sure ..
    Thanks for this memorable moment ...

  •   loaded121  7 years ago

    Cus youre simply the best!

  •   Kali974  7 years ago

    An angel ! Kiss

  •   Scarab08  7 years ago

    the most beautiful and sweet girl i have had the privilege of talking to :)

  •   markos1234  7 years ago

    When I close my eyes
    see a silhouette of my beloved’s pretty face
    imagination transcends all tangible boundaries
    Of beauty, delicacy, innocence & elegance
    magnetism of her being infuses my mind
    With her aromatic breath & heavenly fragrance

    My body gets into weightlessness of valence
    Feeling myself flying with the wafting air
    Her silky hair flapping against my desolate cheeks
    As if my thousand years barren soul getting resurrection
    The shine in her starry black eyes
    Envies the brightest stars in the skies

    Her sweet words bring me down to my knees
    Don’t let me go ahead without a wheeze

    from mark with all love i love u i truely do love u , when i am bored i think about u , when i close my eyes i c ur pretty face, when i feel happy i rem. ur angelic smile, for me u are the best xxxx

  •   GLOCK80  7 years ago


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