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Hello ! I am a very sensual and passionate woman and i would really like to meet romantic and passionate men also :) I like to make dreams come true and also share fantasies :X

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  •   artfulmaster  11 months ago

    "Forest of dreams"

    Was passing through the forest one day,
    Simply making my usual way.
    As I thought of my life,
    And usual strife.
    Wishing a miracle to be,
    I sat by the stream and the tree.
    As my eyes took a widening gaze,
    The sky blended into a haze.
    Soon colors of all the hues,
    Enter my mind as my wish saw was true,
    A woman of beauty would appear,
    She whispered sweet love in my ear.
    A lady of pleasure and peace,
    She set my spirit to ease.
    my body relaxed with the view,
    For a feeling have I never knew.
    As if was angel to me appear,
    Problems vanished and lost all my fear.
    I felt as a dove,
    Had arrived from above.
    My darling I always dreamed and desired,
    Set my heart ablaze and my body fired.
    Had the dream I lived for seemed odd,
    Appeared sent to me now by God.
    Heaven knows my walks hadn't went,
    To this angel I see had been sent.
    Emotional bliss, wish to feel such a kiss.
    On earth never knowing such a dream to exist.
    A miracle happened in a way such as this.
    Lord let me feel forever alive,
    For this vision of beauty has pleasantly arrived.
    As the forest returned, I was surprised to see,
    Wonderful presence of Keira Lady
    A fire to extinguish was my only wish.
    As the heat was too much,
    I almost fainted in such.
    My dream had become real,
    Such a pleasure to feel.
    Was passion was healed,
    What the Forest lady revealed!
    Now sky of blue and soft clouds of white,
    Reminded me that this lady was right.
    Sounds of the birds and the water in stream,
    Didnt match the wonder of this reality dream.
    Brightness of sun yellow and leaves of green,
    Would never overcome what my eyes have seen.
    She was there in the forest smiling at me,
    As God has envisioned this day to be.
    What on the earth had I done to deserve such a treat?
    Who was this angel the Lord sent me to meet?
    Seems not a decent question to ask.
    I never shall questioned a heavenly task.

  •   KeiraManning  11 months ago


  •   KeiraManning  1 year ago

    Hi there :* Today is the beggining of the weekend and i have so many surprises to share with u Kisses:*

  •   DAVESTL2017  1 year ago

    Eli - thank you - you were AMAZING...


  •   KeiraManning  1 year ago

    Ty so much david :*

  •   KeiraManning  1 year ago

    Guys I am so happy to be here with and for you and I wish to share this feeling with you join me and let's spend some quality time together ;)

  •   KeiraManning  1 year ago

    Hey there ! How are you today ? I would love to know what cross into your minds

  •   KeiraManning  1 year ago

    Such a beautiful day :X :X so i hope to spend some beautiful moments! :X:X I have a lot of surprises for all of you :*:*:*

  •   KeiraManning  1 year ago

    Hello ! Good Things Take Time ^^ Let Life Surprise You ! ;) :*

  •   KeiraManning  1 year ago

    Hey guys,how are you today? I have a romantic mood and i want to share it with someone special. Who will be my guyes in my little paradise? :* :*



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