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A courtesan in the modern meaning of the word, alluring and interesing! A universe YOU have to discover! A princess waiting for her prince on a white horse. Are you an explorer? Explore me!

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  •   timberline617  3 years ago

    Adda is better than ever as

  •   timebandit3  3 years ago

    The best wish and hope I have for Ms. Florida is to never see her again. She will always be a part of things remembered to me. A kind gentle and understanding lady. I have your vacation pictures from last year to cherish. You are something else and loved our time together. Thank you Bandit (Robert)

  •   timebandit3  3 years ago

    Just a test to see if this post is erased as one other of mine and maybe one from Drew. I am pleased you are taking a lot of time off. Bandit

  •   gentleman3740  3 years ago

    Hey Adda I hope you get this we miss you! I hope your ok. Your awesome and we miss you!

  •   drewman736  3 years ago

    I just wanted Ms Florida to know that we miss her! :)

  •   TheOlderGuy50  3 years ago

    I hope she is taking a nice vacation and enjoying herself, she deserves it ! :)

  •   timebandit3  3 years ago

    The coffin slowly opens to the dark of night and the shroud of a FULL moon, dare you look up
    in blood I write.........

    CAUTION my dear lady in black
    The moon is full and my followers
    Are looking for blood tonight
    A neck to be embraced by the swallowers
    Travel with care for I may be there
    Your prince cum-a-lot

    And most certainly I wish the best of the New Year to you and what it can bring much love and happiness.
    Never change my princess; to remain mysterious, charming, funny, lovable, and just the lady you are.

  •   AddaAllures  3 years ago

    Oh thanks Bandit, as always you have a way with words and I simply love it.
    A great 2015 to you too and take good, very good care of you, my prince of Cum-a-lot!
    From the highest of the towers, sending kisses, Adda.

  •   superpom  3 years ago

    Perfection.Its good to know she exists.

  •   AddaAllures  3 years ago

    Thank you dear, I am happy you liked and i hope we can do it again :*:*

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