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I am always in the good mood, I am waiting for your love, I am always horny, I love good conversation nude or clothed. I will make your fantasies fulfilled.

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  •   sunshine99009900  6 days ago

    It is Sunday 18th February 2018 14.00hrs in the UK and my last day on the site. I am leaving on a high. There are just 18 hours left for Alex to stay number 1 in the Awards. He is currently 1,640 points ahead of the 2nd placed guy. Alex I love you! Stay true to yourself! You are number 1 because you of your looks, personality and friendliness. 'You don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time'.

  •   sunshine11221122  7 days ago

    Alex is number 1 in the Awards out of all the guys! Well done Alex!

  •   sunshine99009900  7 days ago

    Everyone who looks at Alex's Wall: Please vote for Alex in the Awards. When I left he was number 5. He should be number 1!

  •   flanex1  7 days ago

    Alex is not just a performer. He advised me to leave someone who can never love me like I love them. I needed to move on to be happy again. Alex's words gave me the strength to go. Alex should be a social worker or counsellor. I wish him all the best. 'No reason to stay; a good reason to go'. Alex made me understand what I had to do

  •   AlexWillard  10 days ago

    I love Valentine’s Day, although I haven't a boyfriend, and because I am glad to see people who are so in love and contented with their partner. Have a Great Valentine’s, everyone!

  •   sunshine99009900  12 days ago

    Make me happy and be my Valentine Alex.....I'll love you like you've never been loved before!

  •   sunshine99009900  16 days ago

    Alex is special (on every level).

  •   sunshine99009900  20 days ago

    I started off curious, then I realised I liked Alex's body, then I realised I liked his personality too, then I realised I loved everything about him and now I miss him when he is not around. I'm IN love with him and it grows every day.

  •   sunshine99009900  20 days ago

    In a word...FANTASTIC

  •   alexno1fan  28 days ago

    Alex is stra'snaja, lapoo'sik, krasee'vaja, seksualny, sla'dinkaja. Ya tak sil'no skuchAl pa tibE.

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