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I am always in the good mood, I am waiting for your love, I am always horny, I love good conversation nude or clothed. I will make your fantasies fulfilled.

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  •   AlexWillard  1 day ago

    Chapter 2
    Loneliness. It seems to me that it has become ordinary. Around so many people, but at the same time there is no one nearby. Closed doors, cold floor and only your thoughts ...

  •   AlexWillard  2 days ago

    Chapter 1
    You'll think that your life is terrible, since all those guys were nothing. But when you find your man, you will understand why this did not work out.

  •   avfc0759  9 days ago

    I think you have enough for your trip to see your boyfriend in Latvia now. Whoever he is, he is a very lucky guy!!

  •   AlexWillard  14 days ago

    Guys, I need help for my trip in Latvia. Please, help me!!!

  •   sunshine99009900  15 days ago

    Alex You are tough and streetwise, but also soft and sweet. Sometimes you are happy, sometimes you are sad. Sometimes you are rude, sometimes charming. Sometimes energetic, sometimes tired. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious. Sometimes confident, sometimes shy. Strong and vulnerable. But you are HUMAN and that's why so many people love you.

  •   sunshine99009900  16 days ago

    OK! I can't keep away for long. 86 privates with Alex in the last 4 months and still counting. I am a normal guy who just loses his senses when Alex is on line. He tears me apart and then puts me back together again. I am looking forward to our 100th private: how special can you make that Alex?

  •   sunshine99009900  1 month ago

    It is Sunday 18th February 2018 14.00hrs in the UK and my last day on the site. I am leaving on a high. There are just 18 hours left for Alex to stay number 1 in the Awards. He is currently 1,640 points ahead of the 2nd placed guy. Alex I love you! Stay true to yourself! You are number 1 because you of your looks, personality and friendliness. 'You don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time'.

  •   sunshine11221122  1 month ago

    Alex is number 1 in the Awards out of all the guys! Well done Alex!

  •   sunshine99009900  1 month ago

    Everyone who looks at Alex's Wall: Please vote for Alex in the Awards. When I left he was number 5. He should be number 1!

  •   flanex1  1 month ago

    Alex is not just a performer. He advised me to leave someone who can never love me like I love them. I needed to move on to be happy again. Alex's words gave me the strength to go. Alex should be a social worker or counsellor. I wish him all the best. 'No reason to stay; a good reason to go'. Alex made me understand what I had to do

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