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  •   DonnaSmiley  4 years ago

    I had a quiet week at my studies and was able to study
    comfortably. The dreadful stinging on my boobs undersides and
    spanked rear end stopped while I worked. Somehow, Angelina's
    'spell' for want of a better description allowed me to study but
    not watch TV or relax in any way. As soon as I tried to relax
    the hot stinging pain came on with a vengeance again and again.
    It only eased off after I got into bed each night. However, I
    awoke on the Thursday and as had become usual my butt and the
    undersides of my boobs started stinging immediately. I cringed
    at the thought of another day of pain.

    I showered and while dressing noticed a slight reduction in the
    pain. It wasn't relief but I live in hope. Sure enough during
    my quick breakfast and dash to my transport, the pain reduced
    further. By the time I had reached the university, the pain had
    reduced to a minor sort of hot sting that I found aroused me a
    little judging by the feel and erectness of my nipples. After
    university, the pain did not return. Was it all finished? I had
    no idea but certainly hoped so. But I was still horny.

  •   DonnaSmiley  4 years ago

    I noticed that the lunchtime crowd had mostly disappeared, leaving just the two of us in that section and decided to increase the tension a little. Seemingly unconsciously, my right hand drifted to the top button of my dress and plays with it a bit. Almost on its own volition, the button came free and my hand slipped inside just a little; just enough for him to be able to tell that I'd just caressed my nipple. My hand slipped back out of my dress, but I didn't bother to re-button it.

    I reached down to dig in my purse for something (does it really matter), causing my top to blouse open. I could see him staring down my dress to my breasts as I looked through my bangs at him. His own response is VERY flattering to me as I see a bulge grow in his pants. I took my time, finally retrieving my lipstick which I applied in a sensuous manner.

  •   DonnaSmiley  4 years ago

    I had told Eric about my fantasy of flashing strangers so he dared me to do it at lunch today. He really shouldn't have done that because as Paul knows, I'll take a dare. So picture this. I had on my simple black A-style dress, the kind most women have some form of. Mine is made of a silky fabric, has spaghetti straps, buttons down the front, has a scoop neckline and comes to mid thigh on me. I was not wearing a bra and had on my smallest black lace thong underneath. A gentleman in the restaurant noticed me sitting at the table and he couldn't help but try and get a glimpse down the neckline of my dress (I know how men are!). I caught him doing this out of the corner of my eye, but didn't let on that he'd been busted (nice pun, huh?).

    He sat across the cafe from me, but because it's a small place, we were no more than 20 feet away from each other. I was reading one of those trashy romance novels that I like to pass the time with. This one was mildly pornographic and had me quite turned on. He kept getting a glimpse of the upper reaches of my breasts which had turned me on even more. My nipples were poking out from the silky material and were quite noticeable in the bright lighting of the cafe.

    I was reading my book but also stealing glances at him across from me - trying to be subtle as he paid attention to me. I was flattered, secure in my marriage, but willing to have some sexy fun. I re-crossed my legs, letting them spread open just so slightly as they crossed, catching his eyes as they darted to my groin. I smiled to myself. Gotcha!

  •   LiveJasmin Team  4 years ago

    LiveJasmin Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!



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