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love ia a gift...especially love process... i won`t let u feel lonely...

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  •   Bud.Ugly  9 years ago

    The very best. There is nothing that I would change about her. I only wish I was beside her every night. Gives a great show. I fell in love. She is perfect.

  •   ian_crazyperson  8 years ago

    She is so unbelievably passionate, so wildly romantic, and so wonderfully beautiful in every imaginable way.

    It can be hard to describe the feeling I get when I enter her room, its so unlike anything I've ever experienced.

    Love is an art, and Nataly is an artist.

    If true love had a physical definition, it would undoubtedly take the form of Nataly.

    (and I haven't even taken her pvt yet!)

    ~Cansei21~ :)

  •   JustaOpinion  9 years ago

    totally fantastic. wonderful, great, super, lovely, and such a honest russian girl :D

    Sarcasm is a useful weapon ;)

  •   Bud.Ugly  9 years ago

    She gets better every time I am with her. Without a doubt the very best. If you have a weak heart she is not for you. Leave her to me.

  •   Keth  9 years ago

    the most beautiful lady on here!!!!!

    flawless beauty, with a personality to match. She's charming, witty, and very intelligent, what more could any man want or need.
    And you could forever find yourself lost in her eyes......but if you do just don't crowd me ok:D

  •   Bud.Ugly  9 years ago

    Second time & she is the best. I want her. She is so sexy. Love playing with her. Please do not keep her so busy that I can not have my time with her.

  •   habermas  9 years ago

    Farfallina is absolutely incredible!:) She is the most beautiful woman on Jasmine, by far, with a stunningly gorgeous face, exquisite blue eyes, magnificent lips, an absolutely perfect body, and super fantastic legs. She is simply flawless! She could easily make it in Europe or the US as a model. And she is communicative, creative, sensual, responsive, compliant, and genuinely HOT in private. And if you spend some time just talking with her, you will find her to be pleasant, open, intelligent, and truly interested in what you have to say. She told me that the fact that I wanted her so much turned her on even more, and that she thoroughly enjoyed our "date". I have absolutely no doubt that she was sincere. I have visited between 30 and 40 women on Jasmine over the past few years, and I can tell you without hesitation that my time with Farfellina was the most enjoyable ever:):):):. I miss you already, sweetie, and I promise I will be back often! (cnyguy)

  •   blue123  9 years ago

    one word: amazing :D:D:D

  •   JAG666.  9 years ago

    Th e most beautifull eyes I have ever seen and the most sensual lips that any man could ever dream off.
    She is truely a magnificent piece of art.

  •   jmt6192  9 years ago

    I don't think I can say anything else but WOW. Where have you been.



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