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  •   JackNJill73  6 months ago

    Dear M,

    In truth.. inside of my feelings I always feel like I am a bit of a mess as a person. And what you did during your time here instead,.. was be this unbelievably cute and gorgeous girl who could somehow really like a guy like me!

    I could never understand how that was possible M, how you could like me.. and it made me feel so happy as a person, and so happy to have you as my friend. I can't believe now, how through our cam conversations and experiences, of how much you helped improve me in so many perspectives, feelings, and areas in my life!

    And from getting to know you in here, you need to know M.. that a friendship or a relationship with you is something that should always be earned with a high level of love, trust and ambition in return, nothing less. Because, from being your friend, I knew for sure quickly.. that someday.. there will be someone out there who will see you not just as their one and only soul mate, but as their better half.

    For now though M, all I can give to you, is to say.. that words alone will never express how much I will always appreciate and value our friendship together.. each and every one of our memories together! I never knew before that memories (and this one super cute and silly, fun-loving girl!) could be so powerful to empower me, and remind me, to always try to act with kindness, care, and sincere friendship in life!

    P.S. I think that you should continue to communicate with me, so that we may chat and visit with each other through the next months and years!.. and see where our story goes next))

    Derek S

  •   JackNJill73  6 months ago

    I adore you so much M))) I miss our chats together!!

  •   davidh100  1 year ago

    A very beautiful woman. ma

  •   davidh100  1 year ago

    This lady does not know how naturally attractive she is. A pleasure to spend time with

  •   davidh100  1 year ago


  •   AdiO362  1 year ago

    She's a really fun girl to chat with ;P



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