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Hey there! I love my breasts the most. People are saying that I'm really beautiful and smart although I have the kinkiest thoughts You can imagine, visit my show and You surely won't regret it.

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  •   drarthur  1 year ago

    Come back, please........

  •   Robert0Jam3s  2 years ago

    Where are you?

  •   misterq2u  3 years ago

    a story inspired by a pretty lady from a land far away

    Q had been watching her for months now
    Sexy, erotic, sensuous
    They were nothing but a poor attempts to define this indescribable beauty
    Italian came the nearest…bellisima
    What Q knew, that no human could imagine, was the heights a god could take a woman like this.
    A once in a century siren the likes of Cleopatra and Hellen of Troy
    He knew it was time
    That critical moment when all these things hung ripe and unspoiled
    He went to her in her bedroom late in the evening
    She was already asleep
    Her breasts rising and falling gently with each breath
    She dreamt of a large willow tree blowing in the wind
    Its sweeping branches caressing her body as the blew back and forth in the wind...for more meet me in pvt

  •   MylenneN  3 years ago

    thanks guys ! you are always welcome here in my room to enjoy time together!

  •   enjoyitwhileucan  3 years ago


  •   babycatch25  3 years ago

    What more could one want from lif than to be close to you and kiss your amazing tits and fondle ur lips and suck ur hard nipples. It is sheer heaven and you are heavenly.

  •   babycatch25  3 years ago

    I love to kiss your tits and but thats second to kissing your lips and looking into your eyes which are amazing; ur incredibly pretty and so sensuous and so loveable that if i had all thee time I would not ever want to leave your site. Ur breathtaking

  •   mirobor51  3 years ago

    Too much!

  •   ollie_blazer  3 years ago

    im sorry bb i rang out of credits, u r beautiful 10/10 xx

  •   Shadow34  3 years ago

    Nice lady

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