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  •   Music Man Jer  7 years ago

    ** SWEET NADINE ** <br> <br>From the first day I came to LJ's home page 10 months ago, I have been so ever grateful to see this stunning woman looking back at me.... Yes YOU Nadine. I still remember that day as if it was today. The only face on that home page I could see was your's... as if all the others were just a blur in my vision. And I don't think even five seconds had passed before I clicked on "free chat", and being new to the online chat world just within the last minute I didn't know what to expect either. But as soon as I saw you in your room I knew instantly I had to get to know this lady behind the most incredible smile I'd ever seen. <br> <br>After doing so for about 2 weeks as a free guest and enjoying every minute spent talking to you.... words cannot express just how much you have meant to me since. I looked forward to each morning work day when I would get the chance to stop by your room just to chat,make you laugh,see your smile,or just gaze at your beauty in motion. Those first 2 weeks in free were truly some of the most enjoyable times with you to this day and I'll never forget them for as long as I live. Thank you so much Sweetheart <br> <br>* For those of you who would like to get to know this wonderful person in free chat.... please treat her with the utmost respect as I did and you shall receive it back Ten Fold. And for those of you who want to spend some quality time in pvt,then you've cum to the right place. Nadine is very sensual indeed but yet very professional at the same time getting right down to business if that happens to be what your looking for. Either way you look at it your in for a real treat with her show * <br> <br>We both lifted each other up when one of us was down,and brought forth smiles where there was once just a frown. And if there's ever such a thing as virtual love at first sight... then I'm just another man who'd fallen on that first special night. <br> <br>You mean the world to me Nady and I wish you all the best in life and all the happiness shining down on you from above. <br> You will always be My Sweet Nadine, Love Your Jer

  •   HornyJMan  8 years ago

    Nadyn was simply fantastic. She literally came for me 8 times during the pvt. I thought she was going to run dry but she managed to keep it flowing. That was truly amazing. She is a wonderful lady who deserves great respect. She earns it that is for sure. One of the best performances I have seen on LJ. Her smile and eyes captivate the inner soul and make you long to spend time with her. I have fallen in love with this woman as I am sure many other guys have to. Nadyn, keep up the great work and remain your sweet lovable self. Your simply adorable.

  •   Avenger  8 years ago

    Just one word applies here: perfect!!!

  •   JIUJIU  8 years ago

    Beautiful Really,and Pvt With Her Perfct Mouth Is Fantastic.

  •   wes0fdja  8 years ago

    Nadyn is AMAZING! She can do things you wouldn't believe! She is so nice and such a stunning beauty, words cannot describe enough how great she is, A++++++++++.

  •   jock2  8 years ago

    Nadine, an angel from heaven. love u sweethart.
    Thanks for an unforgettable pvt session which I will cherish forever an ever.
    Guys this lady needs to be treated with the utmost respect.
    So sweet, beautiful and sexy.
    Thanks Nadine and hope to see u soon!!

  •   Stian  8 years ago

    Nadyn is not only one of the best chatter, caring, sensitive and smart, she's also the most sensual performer I've taken the chance to watch so far. She's very erotic in her moves, has lovely and sexy face expression and her body is a beauty of nature. She's a must see!
    And she's definitely a professional



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