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Hey there! My name is Lusiana I like to think of myself of being a sensitive, free-spirited, yet sophisticated person who values honesty and kindness in a partner. I am also a hopeless romantic and I'd like to know a little bit about the person who am I interracting with before undressing.:)

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  •   WonderfulArielle  5 days ago

    The word of the day is: Greatful! Let's cherish what we have and be greatful for that.

  •   WonderfulArielle  6 days ago

    When you are having a greatful mood everything will suprise you in a good way!

  •   WonderfulArielle  7 days ago

    It says if you have a good Monday the whole week will be like this. So let's start this week with a great vibe together.kiss

  •   WonderfulArielle  10 days ago

    hey there guys, welcome to my room, no need to be shy, i wont bite, i am just a regular girl, hello is allways a polite way to start a conversation :*

  •   WonderfulArielle  11 days ago

    You know what is really awesome? A sense of humour. A taste for adventure. Openness. Confidence. Intuition. Smart-ass comebacks. Presence. A quick wit. Let's find those today hiihi! ♥

  •   WonderfulArielle  12 days ago

    Guys!:* Amazing and fresh new vibe over here! Let's spend this lovelt day together! We'll be having a blast for sure! Muahh ♥♥♥

  •   WonderfulArielle  13 days ago

    Hey you!:* In our intimate time we will have togetherI would really like a real experience full of emotions.I am here to listen to you and to give you all my attention! Let's make the best of it! hehe

  •   LiveJasmin Team  16 days ago

    LiveJasmin Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   WonderfulArielle  18 days ago

    Happy day was a really interesting day and my gut tell me this is also be an interesting night. kiss

  •   WonderfulArielle  19 days ago

    Was a really interesting day I'd like to share with you the funny stories that happend to me today but it will take me too many rows to share it. So if you come into my room I will tell you and make you laugh. kiss

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