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I do consider myself to be a kind Domina, your wellbeing is always close to heart but whilst taking advantage and using you for whatever I fancy. The natural power I emanate will trap you, and bring you to your knees. I am not for everyone though, just the truly submissive, the ones who know they belong serving and have given up on thinking of a life anywhere else but at the feet of a Queen.

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    I want to know you better slave… fill in this list

    Fetish playlist
    How to complete: You send me back list with activity/fetishes which you like (notice if you have stuff for it), and delete from list activity which you not like.

    Your experience in BDSM generally is best described as:
    None, Some, Casual, Serious, Extensive.

    Anal penetration (dildo), Anal fisting (receiving), Dildo worship (doing), Strap-ons (receiving), Vibrator/dildo, Eating/drinking cum (own).


    Degree of immobility or helplessness enjoyed or prepared to accept:
    Mild, Medium, Severe - Extreme.

    Cage, Collar, Cotton ropes, Chains, Cuffs, Gags (ball), Gags (funnel), Gags (panties), Genital bondage, Leather restraints, Mummification, Spreader-bars.


    Do you respond to punishment? Under what circumstances is punishment not ok? ( Write your answer)

    Belt/strap, Denial of orgasm, Isolation, Riding crop, Rubber whip, Silent, Treatment, Single lash, Spanking, Caning, Clip & Clamps, CBT [Cock & Ball torture], Electrical play, Flogging, Hair Pulling, Hot Wax, Paddling, Whipping (single tail), Slapping Spanking (hand), Hoods, Blindfolds, Head Harness, Ice, Interrogations, Photographs, Sensory deprivation, Shaving, Teasing, Videoed scenes.

    Write role play you like.

    Pony, Dog, Patient, Victim, Prison, Inmate, Slut, Furniture, Pig, Maid, Sissy, Adult-Baby.


    What items or types of play make the little man in your boat stand up and sing?
    Restraints, Feet / Foot, Worship Stockings, Corsets, High heel, Worship High heeled Boot, Enforced chastity, Masks, Uniforms, High heel wearing (you), Voluntary, X dressing, Forced X dressing, Public X dressing, Latex, Rubber, Leather, Other (Write your answer)


    Is humiliation something you might/like to get into?
    What about being displayed in public?
    Any types of humiliation that would be off limits?


    Cross dressing, Crawling, Dirty words, Face slapping [in private only], Face slapping [in public], Foot kissing, Kneeling, Lead on leash, Public display, Public embarrassment, Ashtray, Verbal abuse, Spitting, Examination / Inspection, Objectification, Forced Nudity, Given Away, Branding, Caning, Clip & Clamps, Cock & Ball torture, Electrical play, Flogging, Hair Pulling, Hot Wax, Paddling, Whipping, Slapping, Spanking (hand), Hoods, Blindfolds, Head Harness, Ice, Interrogations, Photographs, Sensory deprivation, Shaving, Teasing,Videoed scenes.

    For you, the turn on of BDSM is: Visual, Psychological, Aural (sound), Sensory- intense, Emotional, Sensual-erotic, Other (write).

    What positions have the highest erotic value for you (also can add some words if you feel so!).
    Standing bondage, Lying on back, Lying face down, Hands & Knees, Kneeling, Other (write)
    Write here if you have any medical conditions or problems if stay longer in one position: (write)

    These activities interest you:
    Discipline, Punishment, Mental Domination, Non Consensual, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Fear Play, Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, Forced Feminization, Role Play, Public Play, Mummification, Extreme Punishment, Extreme Pain, Long Term Service, Slavery.

    Your biggest fantasy is-

    Your favorite scene was -

    Your worst scene was -

    Your biggest fears are -

    What parts of your body are most erotically sensitive?

    List any known limits for yourself

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    super sexy

  •   kinkyyyminxxx  27 days ago

    thank you mmmmmmm muah

  •   kinkyyyminxxx  1 month ago

    How far will you go for Mistress to make all you can?

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  •   kimbo66  1 year ago

    sexy girl

  •   kimbo66  1 year ago

    sexy sexy

  •   kinkyyyminxxx  1 year ago

    You stand up gracefully in one smooth motion. You look up quickly and I see your eyes and your mouth that I want to kiss and feel on my body.

    “Turn around!" I say still standing in the doorway. I walk over to you and run my hand over your body starting with your neck and working my way down to your ass. I squeeze your ass cheek in my right hand. I hear your moan.

    “Did I tell you to make any noise?" I command walking around to the front of you. You look me in the eyes and I see your lips turning up in a smile. “No mistress;" You say. I smack your face hard with my gloved hand.

    You flinch and look back down at the floor.“ If I see you crack another smile like that, I promise you, you will be sorry". I grab your face between my fingers and make you look at me.“ Now get down on your knees and lick my boots! I want them clean." I push your face away from me and you quickly got down onto your knees and begin licking my boots. You begin with the toes and licks your way towards the heel.

    My pussy is dripping wet and I have to fight the urge to close my eyes and moan. I look down to see you with your eyes closed, your skin gleaming with sweat in the candlelight. You look up to meet my gaze, your eyes burning holes in my soul. You move your face over to the next boot and begins licking.
    To be continued...

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