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I love human to human talks because first of all i m here to listen to you to give you all my attention and to be here for you when you need a sholder to put your head on ; i am here to bring the best of you even when you stop to belive in yourself because i do belive i do belive that we can be the best version of ourselves if we have the „right persons” to hightlight that .

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  •   AddictiveAmanda  8 days ago

    hello to all my amazing guys :D today it's raining and i want us be surprise each other with the most amazing desire ever :D muahh

  •   AddictiveAmanda  9 days ago

    hey guys :D so happy to that i am able to share this nice and great experience with u all :D today i have some surprises that I wanna open up with ;) hugss

  •   AddictiveAmanda  15 days ago

    I've start this year with a great mood and I hope it will last. Can't wait to see what surprises I will get this year.

  •   AddictiveAmanda  21 days ago

    Hey guys :D the weekend is around the corner and also the new year :D let's enjoy the rest of the year and be full of passion and surprises :D

  •   AddictiveAmanda  22 days ago

    the new year is almost here, i am really curious about your new year resolution and what do you wish for the year to come , drop by an share that with me :*

  •   falwin  25 days ago

    Amazing, thank you

  •   AddictiveAmanda  29 days ago

    Hi hi :D the christmas is gettin closer :D just around the corner and i wanna open my presents early with you guys :D so come closer and find out what I have in store for you all :D

  •   AddictiveAmanda  30 days ago

    Hi all :D hope u all had a great week so far, we are in the middle of the week and i have some nice surprises for u all :D lets have a blast :D

  •   AddictiveAmanda  1 month ago

    Hey guys :D hope you all had a nice start of the week :D because i want us now to be full of surprises and great vibes :D

  •   ShyGuyLover  1 month ago

    Fascinating woman! Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I enjoyed visiting with you.

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