Drawing portraits is my favourite and personal thing. A safe haven we could call it. I'm an art enthusiast and a crazy human, hah. I guess for the rest, you'd have to share a few sentences with me.

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  •   artistlover77  hace 12 horas

    Amazing girl!!

  •   gitch1956  hace 4 días

    Breathtaking woman. Beautiful. Kind. Funny. So very, very intelligent and cultured. A woman a man dreams of meeting just once in his life. Elsa is all of these things and more. She is life to a dying man, food to a hungry man, cold, clear water to a thirsty man, angel to a troubled man. She is so much more than the sum of her parts. And her parts are...spectacular. Let her bring pleasure to you.

  •   gitch1956  hace 15 días

    My life is better for every moment i spend with Elsa. Warm, kind, funny, smart and beautiful, she never, ever disappoints. I adore her to pieces!

  •   gitch1956  hace 22 días

    Elsa...what can one say?More than just pretty and sexy, Elsa is warm and sensitive and patient and caring. She is so smart and cultured, so empathetic and sweet, and she brings a feeling of warmth and happiness each time i visit. Never change, Elsa. I adore you.

  •   uk2vegas  hace 1 mes

    the best 10/10

  •   gitch1956  hace 1 mes

    How to describe time with Elsa? The clock seems to stop. My heart races. A rush of warmth and happiness wash over me. All the symptoms of falling in love. But then, you cannot resist her. Beautiful, kind, sexy, intelligent...how can you not fall in love with Elsa? Just a delightful woman to spend time with. Try it. You will not be disappointed. She is marvelous.

  •   gitch1956  hace 1 mes

    Elsa is so much more than the sum of her parts. She is a complex and independent and delightful woman. Breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly smart and confident, she takes you on whatever journey you want, but talking privately to Elsa is a magical experience one should not miss.

  •   OctoPussy471  hace 2 meses

    The most wonderful model of all ♥

  •   gitch1956  hace 2 meses

    Gather all your best adjectives: sweet, kind, smart, funny, beautiful, sexy, patient, exciting, beautiful (did I say that already?), throw them in the pot, and you are about halfway there to describing this force of nature named Elsa. A wonderful woman one will never forget.

  •   ElsaKhays  hace 2 meses

    You all the time know how yo make me smile! Thank you so much !!

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