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Hello.Thanks for your attention,I'd be happy to see you and embody your fantasies. I can arrange a fashion show with elements of eroticism .I have a huge selection of clothing/school girl ,secretaries,cat woman in leather ,athletes, and so forth .My closet huge > from classic to the most unusual variety of clothing

  • 25
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    Marime bust
  • Bisexual
    Preferinte sexuale
  • Feminin
  • Atletic
  • Engleza, Germana, Olandeza, Franceza, Italiana, Spaniola

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  •   Electricken1  3 luni in urma

    Every encounter gets more intense and crazy... Loved every second together.... see you soon BB.. xoxoxoxoxo

  •   Blank94  3 luni in urma

    she knows how to move with her body

  •   Radiocaster  5 luni in urma

    just beautiful........

  •   Radiocaster  6 luni in urma


  •   Desslok  6 luni in urma

    5 Star Sexy

  •   LiveJasmin Team  10 luni in urma

    LiveJasmin Team iti ureaza La Multi Ani!

  •   Electricken1  1 an in urma

    The best of the Best....kisses...

  •   wildcat42572  1 an in urma


  •   EvaGreyBlond  1 an in urma

    I will make your modest dream in the sweet, exhausted from the desire a reality. I'll do what you want, how you want and where you want. I will reveal your secrets, which you did not even suspect. I feel you

  •   EvaGreyBlond  1 an in urma

    A typical evening
    When you walk into the room, I sit on you bed already waiting for you. I'm in your white translucent shirt and white panties that do not hide all the charm of my priests. I rise and approach you, we kiss, your hands fall on my shoulders and I realize I've got to go down below...

    You stand peredomnoy, I'm on my knees and undo your pants... took out already ready cock, caress it with your hands, touch it all, my hands tightly hug him, I lick your soft head first on the edge, then take it in her mouth there and lick her tongue, hold it to the sky, and suck the... tip of the tongue through the entire length of the barrel down to the testicles... licking their hand is caressing your cock... then rise back to the head and to lick it with his tongue playing with her )))) and sharply take in her mouth the whole cock... he entered my throat, he fills my mouth only. I'm not much pulled away again, take it into yourself... your fingers in my hair, you grip my head... I zapytiv it, now you completely in my power, and we were embraced by the same passion, your breath quickens, the trunk becomes stronger, you're ready to cum...I suck faster... You spewing seed into my face, I catch lips cum and don't want to miss a single drop, the last drop, I greedily take and lick the member who had just brought to orgasm...
    You kiss me long and passionately... my whole body is covered with your kisses You kiss and caress my Breasts, hips, ass...

    You bite your lip my pussy, passionately and gently kiss her, lick the Clit, play with tongue between my lips, I feel your hot tongue in you, you drink all my juice... play with her clitoris tongue, enter me with your fingers and feel how much juice is in me from your caresses, as hotly inside me, pulsing my vagina from each of your movement...You see how I bend from your caresses... itself onto your fingers, how I want you... you can hear my moans and breathing... You lie on the bed and I sit on your face... your lips catch mine and you bite into my girl sucking and licking all the liquid that has accumulated in it... I want your cock in my mouth... that would not scream with pleasure. I lean over to him... taking his hand and every time when I want to scream greedily caress your head... Your fingers in me move faster... we're both in my juices, you're pointing your finger in my ass... not forgetting the pussy
    You look stronger and excited from my excitement... you like to watch as I'm coming from what you're doing... like to see how my body breaks down from your passionate touches You like to see fingers disappear inside me... your hands like to feel inside of me and I suck your cock... trying to hold back the scream... I'll hold your body... You feel every time I cum... my vagina is pulsating, the juices trickle down to you... but I all the little...
    I slides S. your face and not turning to you, sit on your excited member, he immediately goes to me all...

    I am very pleased and I can't hold back the moans... you take me by the waist and helping his thrusts, pushed me to it...
    Then I not much to play with him and tease him... then letting only the head, taking it all in myself, I will eagerly move my hips when you're in me...
    Our overexcited body is no longer able to endure this stress and together we finish our moans merge into one groan, you pour your seed in me, your cock pulsing in me, and my vagina gratefully acknowledges its surge... So we lie still for a few minutes unable to move... Gain strength and move on even more violent orgasm....

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