I am what u call a hopeless romantic, so expect me to bring candles to our encounter, good music, sweet words, and that love driven flame that I have in my heart.. just dont expect me to come rushing with my panties down and legs up .i am not that type of woman who will undress in the first spot whitout making an emotional connection, i like to offer affection, attention, and natural

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  •   andy4647  29 napja

    A pleasure to spend wonderful moments with this beautiful sexy lady, look forward to come back again.

  •   okmer0002  2 hónapja

    yr so beautyfull huncould not wait

  •   Maschera88  2 hónapja

    She's wonderful!!!!

  •   LiveJasmin Team  2 hónapja

    LiveJasmin Team nagyon Boldog Születésnapot kíván neked!

  •   AngelEyesEllen  4 hónapja

    Fantastic night ahead of us guys, I'm waiting for you in my room ;) maybe we will spend some lovely time together :*

  •   AngelEyesEllen  4 hónapja

    Hey!:* I've had a wonderful day and I was thinking to share it with you guys, so if you can, visit me, because I'm about to go online :D

  •   AngelEyesEllen  7 hónapja

    Somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, stupid little fights, and all our lame jokes... I fell in LOVE

  •   jagman4  8 hónapja

    10 stars for this beautiful lady. A very special sweet and kind lady. The best time ive had a will keep coming back. Beautiful inside and out.

  •   AngelEyesEllen  8 hónapja

    The sun is shinning and puts a smile on my face witch i want to do the same for you, and that make's me think of making this day dancing day. i have some special songs for you and a new perfume. i expect you to tell me what is the flavour of my perfume when i'm dancing in your arms.Let s start the weekend earlier with this “dancing day “

  •   AngelEyesEllen  9 hónapja

    Had a funny dream last night! I'd like to tell you about it when we will have our moments and make you smile.

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