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I might look innocent but my dominant personality and mind are beyond the sweet appearance !I search for slaves to spoil me ! I will train ,use ,seduce and abuse you!

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  •   MistressJuliaxx  5 napja

    Today i want you to work hard for me ...massage me .worship me ..spoil me ..just feel how you melt ! Get naked as i command!

  •   MistressJuliaxx  7 napja

    I will give you permission to stroke and permission to get more addicted and obsessed. So I can take more and more advantage of you !Now gaze up at my perfection as you continue to stroke .You love to feel my power!

  •   MistressJuliaxx  11 napja

    You have a massive lust and it feels so good. It feels good to be my worshiping boy ! Enter inside my room to see what i have for you !Jerk and stare as I command !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  13 napja

    Stroke to my perfect, young, Princess body Yes it feels so good to follow my directions,!I know you want to spray a big sticky worship puddle just for me.

  •   MistressJuliaxx  14 napja

    I will make you my little worshiper!I am sure your cock is so hard for it. Every movement of my hips makes you throb!

  •   MistressJuliaxx  24 napja

    Hmmm ..i want you here in my room to relax and tell me your fantasy , your secrets ! iIwant you so aroused , ready to surrender your mind and be controlled !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  25 napja

    Just look at my curves, my long legs, my sexy ass. I’m just here to tease. And the more I edge you,the more mindfucked you become.

  •   MistressJuliaxx  26 napja

    It feels so good to stroke.You need encouragement, you need to be told what to do. Be ready to follow my instructions !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  27 napja

    Relax, focus and let my voice have control of your body. I can control every nerve ending and fill them with tingles!You just love having me absolutely control your cock, building you up to a huge orgasm.

  •   MistressJuliaxx  1 hónapja

    I want you to stare , be ready for some tease and feel how u lose ur mind and ur sense ...I cant wait to see you throobing and moan so loud

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