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I might look innocent but my dominant personality and mind are beyond the sweet appearance !I search for slaves to spoil me ! I will train ,use ,seduce and abuse you!

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  •   MistressJuliaxx  6 napja

    Be ready for some tease and feel how you loose your mind ! I cant wait to see you throbbing and moan so loud , beg for more !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  7 napja

    My voice , my words , my sexy body rule you ! You worship every inch of me ! You are so lucky to have such perfect Goddess !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  8 napja

    I am sure there are so many things you`d love to do to this perfect body .Kiss it, maasage it , worship it .It rules your mind and have the power to control you ! Follow me , come close !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  9 napja

    You get so weak for my words when i speak to you directly, as you sit there jerking off !This is how i like you , weak and horny !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  10 napja

    I want you to relax and confess me all your dirty thoughts ! Stare at my perfection , listen to my voice , follow my instructions and be ready to lose your control !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  12 napja

    This is the best part of you slave existence , getting relaxed as you worship me , as you feel your mind begin to serve me ! You love to be used by me , you love to spoil me !Thats the only pleasure you get of your entire life !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  13 napja

    You just worship my body it has you trapped, right where I want you. My body controls you!You serve no other purpose. So you stroke and beg for more !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  14 napja

    I know you want to touch yourself right now , and there needs to be discipline in your life. There`s nothing better than me telling you how to stroke !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  16 napja

    You just love touching yourself while i give you instructions !You crave me , you need me !I know you’re getting weaker and weaker. I will remain imprinted in your mind , forever !You cant erase such perfection !

  •   MistressJuliaxx  18 napja

    Just follow my sensual voice and relax. Touch your cock as I fuck your brain with my voice and my words.Feel the intense pleasure that I’m bringing your right now. And you will only feel this pleasure while you are under my control.

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