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I am a beautiful, seductive Mistress, who can drive you crazy and can fulfill all your fantasies. I love gentlemen. I am very polite and with good manners, so I appreciate that in return.I love to give orders and to dominate you in every possible way. Using toys is not for me because I don't find them inciting, so I choose to tease you and show you my perfect body as I am an erotic woman.

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  •   Wiseman9999  pred 2 mesiacmi

    I had a great time

  •   1CRAWDADDY  pred 4 mesiacmi

    Charlotte, another great time with you, I am really spoiled by your presence. So, my beautiful champagne glass dancer, I will have more songs for you next time and we can do some of yours too, if you want to alternate each song. Until we bump our sexy brains again, kisses to all those good spots. :***

  •   1CRAWDADDY  pred 4 mesiacmi

    Charlotte, my sexy friend on the other side of the planet. I really did enjoy you and all of your special charms. You are beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, and a pleasure. I am already looking forward to our next moments together. I will have more songs for you amazing dancer...be ready! Kisses to all your best spots, you have so many. :***

  •   Jamie888  pred 5 mesiacmi

    thank you xxxx



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